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Imminent Enforcement of the Myanmar Trademark Law 2019

11 Jan 2023

On 12th January 2023, the Department of Intellectual Property of Myanmar issued a notice on its website that states its plan to enforce the new Trademark law (which was passed on 30.1.2019) in March 2023. The notice was intended for persons who are interested to be trade mark representatives to complete their training in February so that they may file applications on behalf of trademark owners when the law comes into effect in March. Nevertheless, this is the first official indication by the Department of Intellectual Property of the imminent date of enforcement of the law. Official fees are due to be announced before the new law comes into effect.

With this latest notice, that would mean the “soft opening” period in which existing trade mark owners may re-file under the new system will end relatively soon. For those who have secured registration under the old/existing system of Declaration of Ownership, but have yet to refile under the new system, it would be advisable to do so now whilst the “soft opening” period is still valid. For trade mark owners who have yet to secure protection of their marks under the old/existing system, they should be prepared to file as soon as the new law is enforced as Myanmar will adopt the first to file system.

In view of these recent developments, please let us have your timely instructions to refile during the soft opening period if you have not already done so or alternatively, place your instructions with us early so that we may prepare to file the same when the new law comes into operation. We are liaising with the Department of Intellectual Property closely and will update you as soon as we receive updates especially on the official fees.

You may direct your queries to the sender or our general email address at

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